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21 Ways To Grow Your Real Estate Business Using Cards

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21 Ways To Grow Your Real Estate Business Using Cards

21 Ways To Grow Your Real Estate Business With Cards and Gifts

Increase Referrals And Build Stronger Relationships

Looking for a way to keep your name top-of-mind with prospects and past clients? Tired of finding out that a friend or family member listed his home with the competition because he “forgot” or “didn’t know” you were in the business? Well you’re not alone! Greeting Cards are still a top method of connecting on a personal level!

Become known as the “go to” agent in your area – the person everyone thinks of FIRST!                     You know at least 200 people and if they all know approximately 200 people, that makes 40,000 people that you have the potential to do business with!

It’s time to start cultivating these connections on a personal level!


Anyone can benefit from using our personalized greeting card and gift system in their business. Real

Estate Professionals are just one group that is high on the list.

Here are some ways Real Estate Professionals can use SendOutCards® to boost business:

1.  Target specific neighborhoods within a community and do a postcard campaign.

2.  Follow up with past clients and keep your name fresh in their memory.

3.  SendOut thank you notes (and gifts!) to clients and referral partners.

4.  SendOut holiday cards to both your personal and professional mailing list. There are many holidays each year, so don’t limit yourself to just Christmas. Thanksgiving is a great time!

5.  SendOut birthday cards, anniversary cards, sympathy cards, graduation cards, congratulations cards. The system’s built in contact manager will create a reminder of these events 14 days prior. Never forget an important date again!

6.  Keep an eye out for news worthy events on social media and SendOut congratulations cards out for job promotions, marriages, and birth announcements. People love feeling special!

7.  SendOut thank you notes to fellow real estate agents that have shown your listings, especially to those that have taken the time to give you feedback.

8.  Create and SendOut “Just Listed” announcements.

9.  Create and SendOut “Just Sold” announcements.

10.  SendOut a card to homeowners that are threatened with foreclosure (watch the newspaper). Let them know that there may be alternatives to foreclosure and to call you to review the circumstances and their options.

11.  SendOut open house invitations to prospective buyers (keep your guest lists from all open houses and invite those guests to a future open house that is in their price range).

12.  SendOut thank you cards to everyone that attended your open house—include your photo and a photo of the home. To make the card even more special, take a picture of the guests in front of the house and use it on the front of the card.

13.  SendOut target mailings to renters.

14.  SendOut target mailings to For Sale By Owners.

15.  Promote the First Time Home Buyer program to renters and college grads by using postcards with a few details.

16.  Invite real estate agents to your open house luncheons (co-sponsor the luncheon with a lender or title company and give them a little promotion on your invitation postcards.).

17.  SendOut cards to stay in touch with professionals that may be in a position to send referrals (attorney, accountant, etc.)

18.  SendOut “Nice To Have Met You” or “Nice To Have Seen Your Again” cards to people you meet at networking functions and chamber meetings.

19.  SendOut thank you cards to appraisers, lenders, home inspectors, and pest control companies to let them know you appreciate them (bet they haven’t received a thank you card lately!).

20.  SendOut a thank you/follow up card after every listing appointment.

21.  SendOut “Thanks ForThe Referral” cards.

The art of cards and thank you notes is what makes Relationship Marketing work so well. Keeping in touch and appreciating others is what builds Strong Relationships, which in turn creates repeat business and referrals because they know, like and trust you!

By the way, you can also offer your cards as a service to customers. As a housewarming gift, set them up with their own gift account with points and postage. Allow them to send change of address announcements and maybe even open house invitations to show off their new home! You’ll be a hero for making it so convenient for them!

Once you experience how easy it is to boost your business sending cards and gifts, you may even want to become a Marketing Distributor and create an extra income stream by sharing what SendOutCards® has to offer with your clients and your business network!

Jerry Edwards

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