Business marketers of the world, brace yourselves.

There’s a tsunami of emails coming.

According to the Radicati Group, a technology market research firm, there will be over 206 billion emails sent or received every day in 2017. There were 183 billion total emails sent or received just two years ago, and 100.5 billion were business emails.

If that’s not a sign that it makes sense to send snail mailed greeting cards to market your business, we don’t know what is.

There’s one printed product that’s just the ticket for small- and medium-size businesses to use instead of emails. It’s the greeting card, that old reliable marketing tactic.

Sending greeting cards is an effective marketing strategy that you can implement quickly and inexpensively.

Aside from that daily email onslaught, greeting cards work for lots of reasons. Nobody gets good mail anymore. We get tons of junk – and bills. Think of how getting a personally addressed card or letter perks you right up. How fast do you toss aside all that other impersonal mail to open up an envelope that’s you know is personal and addressed to you?


A snail mailed card puts you back on top of the recipient’s mind. It’s a personal communication that causes an immediate reaction. Most emails just can’t do that.

My mission is to grow your business using greeting cards to help you sell more with less effort, get more referrals, and retain your current customers.

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