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Appreciation Marketing

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Appreciation marketing builds strong relationships with clients and prospects, so when they have a buying decision to make, they think of you because of the solid relationship you have built with them.

Why Appreciation Marketing

We live in an internet-based world. Whatever you sell or service you provide, it can usually be found online for cheaper. What will make people want to do business with you rather than purchase online? What will set you apart from the lower prices online? The answer is simple – if they like you because you care about them, they will buy from you rather than an unknown entity online.

Appreciation marketing is about them, not you. Rather than bombarding customers with your latest offer or newest product, You show them appreciation – thanking them for being your client or taking a sincere interest in their lives. Leave the promotional offers for your other marketing strategies.

There are several ways to show appreciation and thanks. One of the most effective ways is by sending a sincere personalized greeting card. Incorporating this strategy into your overall marketing plan will help you build those relationships.

This Appreciation Marketing Strategy Is Not New.

You can find lots of examples out there on how showing appreciation, expressing thanks and taking a genuine interest in your customers’ lives builds the type of relationships that will have them calling you when it is time to order. Two of the best examples are Joe Girard and Tom Hopkins.

Have you heard of Joe Girard? He was a car salesman noted in the Guinness Book of World Records for selling the most cars (on a one on one basis) for 12 consecutive years. All of Joe’s business came from referrals. What was his secret?

Joe developed a system to keep in touch with his customers and potential clients. Every phone call or personal contact he made, Joe would write down on a file card any relevant information. He then sent everybody on his list a unique greeting card every single month! These weren’t high pressure sales letters, just friendly reminders to let people know that he was thinking about them.

Tom Hopkins is currently a well known sales trainerwith his roots stemming from real estate sales. Tom made a commitment to send 10 hand written notes every day and broke real estate sales records! Within three years, 98% of his business camefrom referrals. He built the relationships.

If you want to learn more about these success stories, go to Google.

Unfortunately, the thank-you note and greeting card have been replaced by the text message and email in today’s automated world. While they may be faster, they lack the human touch. Most of us have become desensitized to cyberspace communication. Think about it. What gives you a better feeling inside – opening a plain text email or walking back from your mailbox holding and reading a personal note or greeting card?

However, sending greeting cards and thank-you notes the “old-school” way can be inconvenient, time-consuming and expensive.
We have a more effective way to send that greeting card, and it uses the same technology that we are already using. Our online system makes sending a greeting card (and even adding a gift) as simple as sending an email.

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