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There are two ways to grow your business.

Most business owners focus on finding new customers via prospecting and marketing. The approach can be expensive. Further, a lot of energy is expended trying to get past gatekeepers and leaving messages in hopes of getting a return call.

What if you could reduce the effort required to get in front of those you consider your ideal prospect?  The Be Nice Smartphone App may be for you!

The less expensive way to grow your business is to focus on your current customers.  Your current customers already trust you given they have done business with you already. Further, they probably know of others that they could tell about you. Research shows that gaining referral business is one the best ways to grow your business for little expense.

What if you could increase the number of referrals you get from your current customers?  The Be Nice Smartphone App may be for you!

What is the Be Nice Smartphone App?

The Be Nice Smartphone App empowers you to send customized greeting cards and gifts to those you care about right from your Smartphone, Tablet or Computer. The App makes it easy to send thank you notes, birthday cards, gifts like brownies and books, and even marketing campaigns. The cards and gifts are sent snail mail and will make you stand out from all those that want to use impersonal email.

Here’s an example (or two) of how to use the Be Nice Smartphone App

You call into a business to talk to Jerry, but you end up talking with Jerry’s Secretary, Kimberly (gatekeeper). You find that Jerry is not in and Kimberly suggests leaving a voicemail. Most salespeople would take up the offer and leave a voicemail for Jerry to call. Often, Jerry’s voicemail box is filled with voicemails from salespeople and Jerry chooses to delete them all rather than call any back.  Here is where the app comes in.

Once you hang up the phone, send Kimberly a thank you note expressing your gratitude for briefly talking to you. Along with the thank you note, include a couple of tasty brownies. Be sure to include your contact information in your thank you note and a request that Kimberly call or email you when she gets the brownies so you know they arrived. Experience shows that you will almost always get a call or email. When you do, you can find out more about Jerry and the best time to catch him in his office.  It’s magic.

You can also send a “Sorry I missed you” card to Jerry. Be sure to mention how great a job Kimberly is doing for him and ask if Kimberly happened to share one of the brownies you sent to her with him. Now you are creating a buzz!

What if you didn’t call, but rather visited the business instead?  Now you can take a picture of the outside of the business and a picture of Kimberly working hard. Add those photos to your card along with your message and brownies. Maybe even include a picture of you as well so Kimberly will remember who you are. You will get a call or email back and have an opportunity to get to know more about Kimberly in addition to the best time to connect with Jerry.

Or you can continue to do the same ole thing every salesperson is taught to do…. call, call, call, leave message, leave message, leave message and never hear from anyone.  Your choice!

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