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Residual Income: Can You Afford NOT To Have It?

The key to income security is creating and building long term, passive, monthly income streams. Jerry Edwards MailCards4Me Please follow and like us:

Fear and Faith

Fear and Faith are at two ends of the spectrum. We all tend to move back and forth between the two. The key is to keep yourself in faith more often than you are in fear. When you find yourself slipping into fear, notice it and make a shift back…

Success Loves Speed

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A life insurance company was doing a door-to-door campaign selling life insurance. They came up with a sales strategy. Start with a greeting, learn a little about the prospect through a series of questions, and do a survey to find out their insurance needs. This strategy yielded great results. They…

No Leads To Greatness!

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By age 30, Joanie had made a great deal of money in the construction industry. She thought she was at the top of his game. One day, a very successful business man asked Joanie, “How many times has a bank turned you down or told you no?” Proudly, Joanie told…

SendOutCards® Income Opportunity – MailCards4Me

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SendOutCards® Income Opportunity Video – Are You A 1 or a 2? Jerry Edwards MailCards4Me Please follow and like us:


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Here are some tips: 1. Being part of the leadership team at BNI is great, but the responsibility at the higher levels can really become time consuming. Stick with being a visitor host, education coordinator or membership committee member. 2. Take responsibility for sending a “thanks for visiting” card to…

The Biggest Lie In Network Marketing

Almost every single active network marketer that’s giving presentations on the planet tells this lie. Whenever there is an “expose” by the press, this is the most common thing that comes out. It’s a deceptive practice and most people committing this offense don’t even know they are doing it. It’s…

11 Traits Of The Ideal Network Marketing Business

(1) The Company has at Least a 5-year Track Record and is Growing. (2) The Company had Sales of over 100 million During the First 5 Years. (3) The Start Up Cost is Under $500 and the monthly purchase is less than $40. (4) No Lotions, Potions, Creams, Pills, Phones,…

Advertising Is Dead!

Well, maybe advertising is not really dead, but certainly it is more challenging to get noticed in today’s world. Who uses the yellow pages when they can jump online? Why place ads in the newspaper when people are getting their news online? And forget about paying for expensive cable TV…

Smartphone Based Business

Do you own a smartphone? Do you know anyone else that owns a smartphone? Like everyone right? Now you can unleash the power of smartphones to make your income grow and grow while making the world a nicer place to live! Home based businesses are fine…. a smartphone based business…