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Double Your Real Estate Business

Double Your Real Estate Business With Send Out Cards

How To Double Your Real Estate Business Using SendOutCards®

1. Send REAL birthday cards to clients and prospects without leaving your home or office (sent by the company in an envelope for you through the regular mail, with a first class stamp). Cards can be in your own handwriting, with your own signature in them.

2. FSBOs: Take picture of FSBO house. Send the potential prospect a picture card with a “Sold By (You!)” in a fun thought bubble over the house.

3. When Sold: Take pictures of clients the day of final walk through, in their new house, with the dog. Send a personalized BIG 8 ½”x11” calendar card w/multiple pictures of the family, and a box of brownies or Home Depot card without leaving your office. Where is this card with the pictures placed? On the fridge. Who is it shown to? Everyone.

4. When Sold Part II: Obtain permission of your buyers to use those pictures to create a greeting card that you can send in seconds to their 10 immediate neighbors, inviting those neighbors to stop by and welcome the new family, Mary, Joe, John, Sue and Fido to the neighborhood.  Take the “Just Sold” postcard to a completely new level.

5. Go The Extra Mile: With your SendOutCards® account, you can give the new buyers a SendOutCards® sample account and upload house pictures into their account for them.  This allows the buyers to send out “We’ve Moved” cards to their family and friends with those pictures inside, along with their new address.  Move into their circle of influence with ease and creativity.

More Benefits and Ideas

– The SendOutCards® system is YOURS, not your Brokers. Goes with you everywhere YOU go.

– Create customized “template” cards stored in the system to use over and over again i.e. “Thank You for Your Time” or “Thank You for the Referral” sent immediately after you end a phone call or meeting.

– Multiple personal, non-business, non self-promoting, unique, touches throughout the year. Multiple dates (and people) can be put into the SOC system: i.e. husband, wife, and kids – even the dog. System reminds you 2 weeks ahead of any date via email of upcoming birthdays, anniversaries, etc.

– Create video cards with QR codes inside. Video yourself welcoming the buyer to their new home!

– Import your contacts from Excel into SendOutCards® in seconds. Unlimited storage. All in the clouds.

– Send your own personalized holiday cards to groups of family, friends and clients. No limits or minimums.

Pay Only When You Use The System!

No Commitment – Cancel Online Anytime – Change Plans Anytime

You can also create an additional income stream with SendOutCards®. Ask for details!



Jerry Edwards


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