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Fear and Faith

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Fear and Faith

Fear and Faith are at two ends of the spectrum. We all tend to move back and forth between the two. The key is to keep yourself in faith more often than you are in fear. When you find yourself slipping into fear, notice it and make a shift back to faith. In fear, we are over-controlling and desperate. In faith we are loving and trusting. If fear is 10 points below the line and faith is 10 points above the line, where do you spend most of your time as it relates to life and your business. See if you can shift yourself on the scale. How do you know? Fear is a feeling and faith is a feeling. If you feel desperate and out of control, you are probably spending lots of time in fear. If you are at peace and you just know, you are probably spending lots of time in faith.

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Faith is much easier than fear. Faith is letting go and allowing things to happen exactly the way they are supposed to. This includes the lessons that you must learn as a result of failing and faltering. Fear keeps you bound up and in prisoned. Faith keeps you free. So let it go. And letting it go is a process. Catch yourself and then let it go (wasn’t this a song in “Frozen”?) Faith is trusting in the face of no proof. There is no evidence. The skeptical and cynical mind wants proof. They ask the question . . . “How do you know?” And in real faith, you believe in the invisible. You just trust in miracles. It can’t be seen or touched. The evidence comes later. The reason I can describe this is because I have experienced it so many times in my life. Although I had LOTS of proof that I was no good at network marketing, I kept moving myself back to faith. Why? Because I know that it is THE ONLY WAY it will work. I had lots of proof that I couldn’t fly helicopters but I kept moving myself back to faith. It was my only option IF I wanted to learn to fly them! So faith is the key to having what you want for yourself and others. AND its not always easy. You may be deceived into thinking that you can’t do something because of the proof all around you. This just means there are lessons to learn. As soon as you lose faith, you are defeated. Do you see the power in this? If you feel the need to control every move, you may be living in fear and you are sure to fail. It’s okay to fail but in faith, you will learn. In fear, you will quit.

Here’s the good news. You know what faith is . . . even if you can’t feel it in this instant. Every time you get into an automobile or an airplane you are putting your faith in other people. Every time you eat food at a restaurant you are living in a place of faith . . . you’re trusting that the food you are eating is safe and won’t harm you. Each and every time you go to bed at night and you pull the covers up over you, you are practicing faith. Do you really think those covers will protect you? You are trusting just by being out in the world and living your life. I’m not an expert at this . . . I’m just sharing my observations and experiences. So why is it so hard to have faith and trust that everything will work out EXACTLY the way it is supposed to? When you plant a seed in the ground and water it, how do you know that it is going to grow? In reality you don’t. But you have faith that it will. So you keep watering. And you have patience. But if you get scared that it won’t, you might kill it by over-watering it or digging it up! How do you know that when you breath there will be oxygen to keep you alive? How do you know that gravity will keep you in your shoes? We already live a faith based life!

Faith IS NOT hoping and waiting. In other words, if you are a dreamer (which is a good thing) and you commit your dreams to paper . . . then you sit on the couch waiting for all your dreams to come true, you are delusional. Faith is not hocus-pocus. Faith is not like fairy dust. But faith is essential to being happy and living life to the fullest. Faith will fuel your dreams and lack of faith is a guaranteed death sentence.

With faith, the fundamentals will work for you. Practice the fundamentals and with faith,
you can live the most fulfilling, rewarding and uplifting life possible. Things work when you have faith.
Your life is easier when you have faith. You’ll be happier when you have faith. And in this state,
your business will grow and thrive as well.

So what are the fundamentals?

1. Have an idea of what you want. Write out a few dreams for the new year.
2. Believe in people . . . there are people that are ready and those that are not. Seek out the ones that are
and continue to believe that some are capable of great things because we arrived at exactly the right time and
they were looking for us.
3. Be kind – Be kind with your words and be kind with your deeds
4. Be generous – Be generous with your words, be generous with your deeds and be generous with you money
5. Get better – Look for ways that you can continue to grow and be better in all areas
6. Do the work (focus on education and not sales) – In other words seek out ways to contribute to others by showing them a better way to foster good will, get referrals and develop a network.
7. Do what you say you are going to do . . . if you have committed to goals, DO the goals . . . don’t make excuses. Making excuses and blaming others chisels away at your foundation. Follow through on your commitments. This is the definition of integrity.
8. Live by your calendar – Related to #7. Your calendar becomes your boss. Fill it with the work necessary to grow personally and in your business.
9. Don’t let crisis turn into ruin. If you have a crisis learn from it and then get back to it. A crisis doesn’t ever have to be the end. If you make it the end, that’s on you! A crisis is just a crisis . . . not the end!
10. Be extra patient (with your business, with others and with yourself!). Tony Robbins says, “People always over-estimate what they can do in a year and underestimate what they can do in five.” It’s tough to be patient with people and yourself if you are desperate and fearful. It’s easy to be patient with people and yourself when you are living in faith.

AND if you have lost a loved one and you are feeling hopeless and blue, or if the love of your life left you and you are feeling alone, faith is what will get you through. This might be your first holiday without your parents. That empty feeling that comes with loss of any kind . . . the Holidays can be especially tough. I’ll say a prayer for you. Faith is what we all need to get us through. Faith that everything will be okay. And in the moment it may not feel that way. We have all had the feeling of not wanting to do anything . . . of being paralyzed by fear and desperation. Sleeping and eating become senseless. All motivation is gone. We have all had the experience of being numb to life due to the loss of someone or something important to us. After grieving, faith is what will bring you back to life. Have faith. Let go. Be present. It really is the only way to finding peace during the tougher times.

Post borrowed without permission from Jordan Adler.

Jerry Edwards

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