Keep In Touch Without Stalking

Keep In Touch Without Being A Stalker

Keep In Touch Without Being A StalkerHere’s a couple of ways to keep in touch with your connections, without becoming a stalker.

From finding a job to meeting your next business partner or new client, you know that there are countless ways to keep in touch so that your network can help you when you need it. The problem is that reaching out, especially out of the blue, can feel awkward and inauthentic. You want to establish regular communication so that any requests are just part of the conversation.

Keep In Touch Idea #1: Remember Their Birthday

In the social media era, people can get hundreds of birthday messages. But the messages still matter, and going outside the structures of social media makes you stand out. “Everyone loves when the birthday phone rings or when they get a birthday email, or better yet, an actual birthday card in the mail,” says Jerry Edwards, Owner of “A real card, sent in the mail is a great and personal way to keep in touch. Especially, if you include a gift card from a business where they like to shop.”

Keep In Touch Idea #2: Google Alerts

Google will send you an email when certain words appear in news stories. “I track all of my previous bosses and internship coordinators on Google Alerts,” says Edwards. “If they get a promotion or win an award –I send them a congratulations card.” LinkedIn can likewise keep you informed of promotions or job changes. These are always good reasons to reach out.

Keep In Touch Tool

The Be Nice Smartphone App can help you create and send greeting cards on the go using your smartphone. It makes keeping in touch with others simple and easy. You can even add gifts to include with the card if desired. The app is free. Learn more about the Be Nice Smartphone App and give it a try. You will be amazed by the difference a real card sent in the mail can make when it comes to building stronger networks and relationships.