Mortgage Broker Biz Up 71%

How A Mortgage Broker Increased Business 71% increase in one year?

Wow, this is a must see interview with Mortgage Broker Linda Walters and Relationship Marketing Expert Kody Bateman. Hearing Linda’s success stories from incorporating a relationship marketing strategy in her mortgage business will blow you away! Take a listen and then look below to get some ideas on cards you can send to generate more business.

Sample Mortgage Broker Cards

One successful strategy to build your business is to create strong relationships with Realtors because they can refer business to you, the mortgage broker. A great way to build those relationships is to provide them information and resources that can help them get more business.

Realtor Information Cards

Here is a card that shares information the Realtor might find of value….

Mortgage Broker Card For Realtor Referrals

As you can see, the point of the card is to share tips on ways to generate referrals since referrals are a big source of business for Realtors.

The Magic Referral Letter Card

The Magic Referral Letter is an awesome tool that leverages both the Mortgage Broker’s connections and the connections of the Realtor.  Here is a card that teaches the Realtor the Magic Letter strategy and includes an offer to partner up with the Realtor.

Magic Letter Mortgage Broker Referral Letter

Current Client Cards

How about the Mortgage Broker tapping into their own client list to generate referrals.  After all, word of mouth is the best advertising and friends want their friends to get a good deal. Check out this card that can be sent to those you, as the Mortgage Broker, helped finance their home.

picking a mortgage broker can get squirelly

And like the information shared with Realtors to help them grow their business, cards can be sent to homeowners that share information as well. Like this one that talks about improvements that can me made that drive up the value of a home.

home improvements that add value to your home

Of course there are lots more ideas and cards that can be sent to Realtors and Homeowners.  You can see examples of those at

The Simple To Use MailCards4Me Card Sending System

The cards shown can be used with the easy to use MailCards4Me system. Custom cards can also be created and sent using the system. So, it is extremely easy to tailor your cards to your style and approach to easily build your Mortgage Broker business.

When you have questions about the system or want to give it a try, contact me for more information.

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