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No Leads To Greatness!

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No Leads To Greatness!

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No leads to greatness

By age 30, Joanie had made a great deal of money in the construction industry. She thought she was at the top of his game. One day, a very successful business man asked Joanie, “How many times has a bank turned you down or told you no?” Proudly, Joanie told him never. What he said next was profound to her.

The successful businessman said, “Then how do you know if you have reached your limits? How do you know there’s not more you could be doing?”

At that time Joanie realized how poor she really was. Not in money but in drive. Now, 11 years later, Joanie has heard the word no hundreds if not thousands of times since.

THE LESSON: The leaders in every field have heard “NO” more than you’ve ever asked questions. No leads to greatness. Go become GREAT!

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