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Is SOC Right For You Like It Is For Me?

My name is Jerry and I am a Marketing Distributor (MD) with SendOutCards®. Below are some thoughts, ideas and criteria I considered in making my decision to join SendOutCards®. 

WHY SendOutCards® is right for me and might be right for you. Complete company, team and leadership support. You can use…

Smartphone App – Grow Your Income

Make Extra Money With This Smartphone App From SendOutCards® The SendOutCards® iOS App can put more money in your pocket every time someone uses it if you become an Independent Marketing Distributor with SendOutCards®. Visit the Smartphone Money page to learn more. Jerry Edwards

Process Not Practice

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  In reality, practice makes permanent. The only way to get perfection then is to practice perfection. That is, only perfect practice can make perfection permanent.  However, seeking perfection is crazy since no one is perfect. Why put so much pressure on yourself? There is a better way. That way…

Build A Pipeline!

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BUILD A PIPELINE You live at the bottom of a hill where there is a stream. At the top of the hill is a little village that has a shortage of water. You decide that you will haul buckets of water up the hill and the villagers are willing to pay you…

Stay In Touch – Master Relationship Marketing

Stay In Touch Staying in touch with customers on a regular basis shows that you care and puts you in a better position to anticipate and meet customer needs. Some ways to stay in touch: Call from time to time to find out how customers are doing. Send a personalized…

Custom Card Backs – Prime Real Estate

SendOutCards® Custom Card Backs! Your Brand. Your Purpose. Your Choice! The back panel of a greeting card is an ideal place to display your logo, special deal, or personal message. Hear from Kody B. (SendOutCards® CEO) as to why you should brand yourself and your business. This new tool is the…

Automated Relationship Marketing And Follow Up

Automated Relationship Marketing and Follow Up System Master relationship marketing.  The SendOutCards® system can automate your follow up system and help you build stronger relationships with clients, prospects and referral sources. This system can help you double your business in a year. That means you could make ridiculous amounts of…

W.A.I.T – Why Am I Talking?

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W.A.I.T – Why Am I Talking – A powerful flow chart!   Jerry Edwards Master Relationship Marketing – Double Your Business In A Year!

2 Fold Mission – CEO Shares Vision Of Company’s Future

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The Future Of SendOutCards® As Told By CEO Kody B. You can learn more about the SendOutCards system here. Jerry Edwards MailCards4Me

Custom Branding Package

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What is the SendOutCards Custom Branding Package? The SendOutCards® Custom Branding Package is one of the newest offerings from SendOutCards®. When purchased, you will have the ability to personalize the back panel of a greeting card, three-panel card and big card. A handwriting font and four signatures are also included….