Power Of A Greeting Card

The power of a greeting card to grow your business

The power of a greeting card to grow your businessNever underestimate the power of a $.93 customized greeting card.

Listen to this Realtor story:

“I’m sure some of you have had the “pleasure” of working or being involved in a short sale transaction.  For those who may not be realtors who are reading this and may not know, a short sale is when the bank who holds the mortgage on a home has agreed to consider selling the home for less than what is owed on that home.  These deals can be incredibly frustrating and can drag on for months and months.

A couple years ago I was representing the seller and a major national bank as listing agent for one of these short sale properties.  We had had two buyers who wrote offers back out of the deal because the process was taking way too long.  Each deal had drug on for months.  The buyers became frustrated and walked away.

The third set of buyers who had written a contract were very frustrated with this process and they also were about to release and walk away from the deal.  I was frustrated too.  So frustrated that I had decided if these buyers walk from the deal, I’d release the listing and move on.

I decided to send the CEO of this national bank a custom greeting card to see if I could get him involved.  I created a card with that CEO’s photo on the front of the card along with a personal quote of his that I found on the internet.  On the inside of this card I described the frustration of the short sale process with his bank, the fact that his bank had already lost over $20,000 because of the incredibly slow way their short sale department handles these transactions and asked him to contact me.  I included a gift wrapped box of two dozen cookies.  Five days after I sent the package, this CEO contacted me.

We talked for about twenty minutes over the phone.  This property closed that next Friday for just under $200,000.  I made a $5,000 commission check because I sent a ninety three cent custom card with two dozen cookies to the CEO of a fortune 500 company.”

The customized greeting card system this Realtor used can now be accessed right from your smartphone.  Get the Be Nice Smartphone app and use greeting cards and gifts to get the attention of those you need to close your next deal.

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