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social selling app the ultimate business building and referral generation smartphone app

Relationship Marketer Uses A Social Selling App To Build Relationships And Grow Her Business!

relationship marketer social selling app the ultimate business building and referral generation smartphone app

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Relationship Marketer – Hi everybody this is Cody Bateman Relationship Marketing Weekly. We are really excited for our show today. I can’t wait jump into this interview. We have the beautiful Laurie Delk out of Nashville Tennessee. A twenty four year veteran web designer and marketing consultant. Working out of her home and created an incredibly successful business.

Laurie, I would consider you to be one of the top master relationship marketers in the world. I mean some of the things that you do to build your own business are absolutely incredible. We want to bring those stories out today in this interview.

I know you do a lot on Facebook. You know most people listening right now the first thing they always want to know is this sounds like an intriguing business how do you acquire customers what kind of things do?

For me getting customers is hundred percent referral.

OK, so one hundred percent referral business. Everybody’s always interested in that and I don’t care what profession you’re from, if you can generate one hundred percent for a business that’s a huge thing. So obviously people want to know how you do that. You’re again a master relationship marketing master reaching out and connecting with people on Facebook as well as offline.

One of the things I really want to talk to you about Laurie is this.

One of things I’ve learned from you is that reaching out to people is who you are. It’s what you do. Whether a person is doing business with you or whether you just met them somewhere, you do these things for everybody. Can you just talk to us a little bit about that?

I believe in spreading kindness no matter what. If people do business with me great and if they don’t that’s great too. We can be great friends. Through social media, I connect with people every single day. I have a thing where I text ten people a day and just say “hope you have a wonderful Wednesday or Thursday; something cute like that. I send messages like that on messenger or directly to their page.

I also send cards in the mail. I always send birthday cards.

When you do all of that. You do those things without any expectation of getting something in return. You do those things for the sake of being kind to other people, period. That’s why one of our guests before talked about being intentional with your relationships and that’s what you do.

This is what we are trying to teach the world. If you do this, all of your business stuff takes care of itself. That’s how you get a hundred percent referrals for a business. You just be nice to people for the sake of being nice.

Relationship Marketer – Walk us through the process of what you do every day on social media to reach people.

My day is very busy. I am very much into the time blocking. Usually two fifteen-minute time blocks. I post things. I post positivity. Something educational and sometimes something that’s marketing. I do that eighty twenty rule. So it’s like four posts that I do that are educational or motivational or spiritual. Then one marketing post.

I go to their page and I like a couple comments and if they posted a picture of something you know they won game or something, then I send a congratulations card with a pack of brownies or something like that.

That’s just incredible stuff and I really appreciate you sharing that with us. I’ve received cards from you for just celebrating something or sometimes celebrating me or saying thank you to Jody and I for something. So I’ve been on the receiving end of what you do, it’s incredible.

Relationship Marketer – So let’s talk a bit about time blocking. I think we need to touch on that a bit.

I find that so many people spend WAY WAY WAY too much time on Facebook. There’s a habit of oh I got a couple minutes right now let me check my news feed. Forty five minutes later you’re still messing around on Facebook. So I love that you time block and I think that’s great advice for all of us is to time block. You get very specific about what you do during your time blocks which is really powerful stuff.

Relationship Marketer – You send a lot of greeting cards out, not necessarily for people that you’re doing business with, you’re just sending out to people in kindness. So walk us through what you do there.

I think any time I meet someone I send them a thank you card. If I do business with them of course I send them at thank you for doing business with me card. Sometimes, if I if it’s a prospective business, I send them a thank you for your time or thank you for talking to me card.

I have a friend that is a real estate agent. She posted on Facebook that she was in the top thirty in her company. So I saved her picture from Facebook and threw it on a card. I sent her a card and a little note to say congratulations, so proud of you.

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