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Social Media Realtor Do It Right

Social Media Realtor Do It RightSocial Media – Realtor

Social media can be a very valuable tool for a realtor. Current statistics show that 58% of Americans use Facebook for example, and this can be used to a realtor’s advantage.

Social Media – Realtor Marketing Mistake

Many realtors post their new listings, open houses and closing on the personal social media pages. There are over a million realtors in the US. Imagine what your favorite social site would look like if every realtor posted their listings?  People go to social sites to entertain themselves. They go to learn what their friends and family are doing to and to post SOCIAL things. Not many go to find real estate ads.

Social Media – Realtor Marketing Blueprint

Realtor marketing using social media can be done successfully. If possible, friend every client and prospect you encounter in your real estate career. It is not important that they friend you back. Regardless, you can always visit their social site pages and learn quite a bit about the person and what is important to them. Typically, getting to know someone takes quite a bit of time. Social sites allow you to hack the process and speed up getting to know your clients and prospects.

Social Media – Realtor Success Stories

Just this year, a realtor friend of mine got a commitment to list a three million dollar home as a result of “friending” a prospect on social media; not one phone call required. As a result of looking over the prospects social media page, he found they shared the love of long distance bicycling and were birthday twins. Using this information, he snail mailed his prospect a customized greeting card that included pictures from the prospect’s social site page and a note that talked about all the things they had in common.

Here is another example another realtor used to maximize the lead generating power of social media. The realtor saw on a client’s social site page that they were running their first marathon the following Sunday. The realtor checked on the results after the race and found that her client had finished their first marathon. Of course, the client posted pics on their social page and the realtor used those pics to create and snail mail a customized greeting card using the Be Nice Smartphone App. The client was blown away by the quality and content of the card, and has given three referrals since.

Social Media – Realtor – Cards Work

Snail mailing customized greeting cards to clients and prospects works because it makes people feel special and shows you care about them. The Be Nice Smartphone App allows you to create and snail mail cards right from your smartphone. Get more listings and increase your referrals using the app and leveraging information found on social sites.

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Jerry Edwards
La Marque, TX