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Social Selling Card Hack Avoids Gatekeepers

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Social Selling Card Hack Avoids Gatekeepers

Using a snail mail card to get past the gatekeeper and receive a call from the CEO.
Social Selling Card Hack To Get Past The Gatekeeper And Get Your Prospect To Call You Back

Everyone in sales is trying to make a connection. We can’t sell our product or our service until we get in front of somebody. And I’m a member of a local BNI chapter and I absolutely love it it’s a phenomenal way to make connections. Now the problem is not everybody I want to meet is a friend or a contact of somebody in my sphere. So most of the time I don’t have that connection and I gonna share with you today something that I found that’s phenomenal to make a connection. And I’m going to give you a couple examples. First would be, I was having an issue and it doesn’t really matter what your product or service is you can use this to get in front of people. But I had a problem with Bank of America a couple years ago and it was a major issue I couldn’t resolve it, I went a couple levels ahead of the person who I was talking to and I just couldn’t get a result and I was so frustrated so I decided to get in touch with the C.E.O. of Bank of America. Had no idea who that was. Googled C.E.O. Bank of America the guy’s name was Ryan Moynahan. So then I clicked on Google Images and I sent Brian a card. Put his picture on the front of a card and I actually googled Brian Moynahan quotes and Brian he had a quote. So I put his quote on the front of the card, his picture, and on the inside of my card I put just a short description of the issue I was having with his bank and I asked him to get involved. Now let’s face it, C.E.O.’s and most of the people we’re trying to get in front of, a lot of them don’t open their own mail. But when his secretary got a card like this with his picture and his quote on the front of the card I was hoping she’d give it to him. And I sent that along with a box of two dozen cookies. And the next week I got a call from Brian Moynahan and here’s what he said, he goes Hello Jim. I’m a health nut. I don’t eat cookies. I gave the cookies to my staff they said they were the best cookies they’ve ever had. He said I appreciate that, he said your card was phenomenal, your marketing genius. Now I want to hear about the problem you described in the card. So Brian Moynihan, the C.E.O. of a Fortune five hundred company contacted me because I sent him a card. Now what’s cool about this is I didn’t print this card, I didn’t stuff it, address it, stamp it or mail it. I designed the card on my computer in about two minutes hit send in the company sent it for a dollar seventeen cents plus postage. Now you can use this to get in front of anybody a local person, someone out of town. When you’re trying to meet someone, get on Google get their picture, put their picture on the front of a card and you can actually also go to their company website and get their company logo put that on the front of a card send it in a box from this company with a couple brownies, couple cook couple dozen cookies and you won’t believe the response. The company I used to do this is called SendOut Cards and cards it’s truly a phenomenal way to make contact. Thanks so much and have a great day guys.

When you're trying to meet someone, put their picture on the front of a card, send it in a box with a couple brownies and you won't believe the response. Click To Tweet

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