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Success Loves Speed

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At SendOutCards success loves speed - APA - BDABB

A life insurance company was doing a door-to-door campaign selling life insurance. They came up with a sales strategy.

Start with a greeting, learn a little about the prospect through a series of questions, and do a survey to find out their insurance needs. This strategy yielded great results. They were closing about 6% of the homes they contacted that got through the greeting, questions and survey.

One of the salesmen bucked the system and was selling almost 3 times the amount the rest of the team was selling on a monthly basis. When asked what he was doing, he replied, “I cut through all the rapport building, questions and survey crap, and started asking one question when I got to the door, ‘You wouldn’t want to buy any life insurance would you?’

The salesman got the same 6% close ratio as everyone else using this strategy. The difference was that he got through 3 times the number of houses as everyone else and was getting 3 times the number of sales.

Success loves speed.

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Jerry Edwards
La Marque, TX

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