Cards that connect the heart are the most powerful of all. They bring people together and sometimes even move people to tears.

Here are some tangible business testimonials that are not as tear jerking but give proof that cards and gifts can make a huge difference in business.


“One simple thank you card landed me a sponsor that paid for two weeks of all expenses paid barefoot water ski training and put me on a TV infomercial with Olympians Dara Torres and Justin Gatlin.

Another thank you card landed me a $10,000 writing contract.”

THE SYMPATHY CARD THAT LANDED A BIG CONTRACT – Bilan Y. is an owner of a search firm.

His company specializes in IT recruitment which is very competitive. Bilan had been trying to bring on a large organization for 12 months with phone calls to a key hiring manager, linked in connections and many attempts to get some time with this person. The secretary (gatekeeper) never put him through. He called yet again and the secretary said “well she’s not here and will be away for 3 weeks as her mother passed away”. Bilan immediately and with no sales intention did what was right, he sent her a two sentence simple condolence card. When the hiring manager returned she found Bilans card, was very moved by the gesture and called him to thank him and to ask when he would be available to meet. The following week, they met for coffee, the conversation lasted 2 hours with no discussion of business, she simply poured her personal life story to Bilan and at the end asked why his company was not on the job panel. She arranged for his company to be on a very lucrative and long term panel and the initial transaction that resulted was a deal of $250,000. The card cost him under $3 AUD to send.


Each year I create a campaign card for the end of year holidays and send it out to my network. 4 years ago, I selected a predestined card with the word “BELIEVE” on the front. It went out to several hundred people. Last year I met an old friend of about 20 years for brunch who I had not seen in about 12 years and she said, I have to tell you a story about your cards. This is what she sent me as a testimonial:

“I am lucky enough to have known Liza as a friend for many years now. Around Christmas of 2014 I was not in a good headspace, I was dealing with a lot. I sought some help to get through this time and spent time away from home as part of this process. Around this time I received a Christmas card from Liza. A very simple but very powerful card. It was muted colors with the word ‘believe’ in large white colors at the top. This card was pivotal in my healing process. I kept visualizing the card with the word believe and I kept using that image to believe in myself in that I would get through this. I did. I still have the card. I just needed a tool to help me through and Liza’s card was that. So it is amazing what a Christmas card can do ”


I ran into this awesome couple a month ago at Walmart. Robert and I have known each other for a couple years. He didn’t know I was doing real estate until he saw me wearing a Keller Wiliams polo when I ran into him since I’ve only been actively selling since Oct 2016. I gave him my card and called him the next day. When we spoke he mentioned already working with another realtor. I suggested to stay where he’s at, asked him for his physical mailing address, and sent him a card and made myself available in case things didn’t work out. I got a call from him last Friday that things weren’t working out with him and his current agent and he hired me to represent him. After asking him brief specific questions we ended up finding them this lot and tonight he went under contract. Don’t take your follow up lightly because it will cost you BIG TIME.


2017 will be my first full year in real estate. I’m building my real estate business strictly using the Be Nice Smartphone App and just everyday networking. It’s almost the end of the 1st quarter and I have 5 deals in contract. I’m sharing this with you because you can do the same if you believe it will work for you regardless of what business you’re in.


The Be Nice Smartphone App has been an incredible tool in my financial advisory business. I’ve created campaigns, automated my birthday and anniversary cards, sent meaningful thank you cards with small tokens of appreciation and dramatically increased the number of holiday cards-all with the click of my computer mouse. What has been remarkable is that my overall business has increased by over 30% in a very difficult economic environment. The amount of business related to referrals alone has increased an astonishing 750%! The Be Nice Smartphone App has truly turned my clients into ‘Raving Fans.’ After using the app in my business for almost 2 years, I can’t imagine being in business without it. I love it, my clients love it, and it allows me to easily show them the appreciation they deserve”


I am the owner of a coffee franchise in Canada. During late November I sent out 20 cards to business people in my community that whilst I knew, I did not know very well. The card was designed (very simply, and in minutes) using the website side of the Be Nice Smartphone App to showcase the gift card potential of my coffee business and asked the recipient if they wanted to purchase Gift Vouchers for Christmas for their staff, customers or referrals. The results were amazing, and drove my gift card sales in December 300% ahead of last year. This trend continued into January, a traditionally quiet time for gift cards, driving sales of cards in excess of 100%. So for the less than $40 including postage, I added several thousands of repeat business dollars to my Coffee Shop business.


“Today I received a check for $8600 which is 50% of the total commission from a new home sale. I sent out 100 cards to the neighborhood surrounding my listing and met a client who I help to find a new home! Total cost of campaign $200 . . . “


“I’ve received nearly 20 referrals just this year from 4 greeting cards sent out to our 100 person past client list.” –Chris M.

$15,000 IN CLOSED BUSINESS (Ryan G.)

I just wanted to let you know that the card campaign I sent in March just made me $15,000 in closed business! Thank you for everything. I’ll be working on my next campaign soon!


My daughter got married last May, and they created Save the Date and Thank you’s for their wedding. They live in Chicago and took a picture outside the Wrigley Field Stadium of themselves. On the marquee was their name and their date. Awesome picture and postcard,. Their Thank you cards were specialized with photos from the wedding and if they had photos of the individuals at the reception, they added those. Great idea and the feedback from so many people was the best cards they had ever received.


We are at a listing appointment. Beautiful home will list around $460,000. This is the 4th transaction this year by this family worth $48,000 in commission. We sold them this home 8 years ago. 2 months ago they asked us over to talk about getting their home ready for sale. There was a card on the refrigerator I’d sent them the summer of 2015. It’s important in business to stay top of top-of-mind.


Calling on a probate lawyer for 3 years. NEVER called back. Sent a card and 16 brownies.
One week later $1M listing from lawyer in her office. They shared the brownies. Now another listing on the way!


My friend sells a lot of cars, 1-2 every day, and he uses the Be Nice Smartphone App in many ways. He followed up by phone with a prospect who said, “I went to your competitor and spent $40,000 on a car, they gave me a better deal. My buddy says, “wish you would have given me the chance, but thanks for stopping by.”
He sends a thank you card to the guy stating, “thanks for giving me the opportunity to show you my cars, I appreciate you and hope to do business with you in the future.” A week later my buddy gets a call from the customer, who says: “I spent $40k with your competitor and they never even called, texted, or emailed to say ‘thank you’, and you bothered sending me a card even though I did not buy from you. I am buying my wife a car next month and I am buying it from you b/c you showed you cared about me.


I met Joe at a sales conference in Vegas. He sells specialized equipment. Not exactly sure what it does but this one card he sent using the Be Nice Smartphone App made him $17,000 in commissions. He’s all smiles.


I went by to see Lake Conroe Imports, some long-time customers, and decided to take this photo of their client appreciation wall. They send a card to every person who buys a car from them, complete with the client’s own smiling face and their new car on the front. They send themselves the same card and hang it on this wall. They have this entire wall filled plus the opposite wall too. They really “get” the importance of followup and are wondering where they are going to hang the cards when they run out of space. Today, I helped them design a 3-card campaign to keep in touch after this initial card, complete with brownies for the birthdays. Gotta love the power of the Be Nice Smartphone App! The owner told me “the cards really work”.”


Using the app has ROCKET PROPELLED my agency from being indistinguishable to being recognized as a 1st class agency. From the first thank you card we send, clients get a sense of how grateful we are to be working for them, that they are more than just another policy to us. They are valued clients. We remind them throughout the year with birthday cards, anniversary cards, congratulatory cards and referral cards and gifts. We often use it to send get-well or congratulatory cards to prospects that have not yet chosen us as their agent. The response has been tremendous and has helped prospects to realize that if their current agent is not attentive to the details of their lives, they see someone that is. We’ve sent thank-you card to clients that have chosen to leave our agency in search of lower insurance rates and found that our win-back rate has increased significantly. Even after they sever ties with our agency, they feel that their business, loyalty and trust were appreciated and this helps to keep the door open for them to come back. After sending cards and gifts for more than 5 years, I can honestly say that it has become an essential tool that has helped us sustain growth and a retention rate over 93%. We also attribute our above average agency loyalty Index Score to its continuous use. I recommend the Be Nice Smartphone App to any business that is looking for a tool that will help them offer first class service to their clients.

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